Sick Stomach Cinema

Welcome to Sick Stomach Cinema!

Here is where you’ll find reviews of random movies I have watched when feeling under the weather. Selections will be at my discretion though I welcome any and all recommendations!

When the movie’s over, I will determine whether or not the movie is helpful for a person who is feeling sick based on the following criteria:

  • Stomach Survival – Can this movie be watched with a sour stomach?
  • Bathroom Accessibility – Can this movie be enjoyed even if the viewer runs to the bathroom?
  • Sleeping Aid – Can this movie help the viewer relax enough where they could fall asleep? (don’t confuse this with boring – it’s good to have a movie that distracts a viewer from pain long enough to where they can finally get some rest)
  • Overall Score & Notes

I will be placing a “good” Pesky happy pesky or a “bad” Pesky Pesky the Puffer Fish next to each criteria at the end of the movie watching session. Sometimes I’ll even live-tweet the experience as I go (@tmidigestion).

Remember, the point of these experiences is to see which movies work for a sick person – this isn’t a film studies course. I won’t be waxing on about the chosen film’s impact on life or its technical achievements.

Of course, there will be a few ground rules:

  • The movie will be judged only on how well if works for a sick person. Loving or hating the movie itself is irrelevant. I feel that this is important because so many people love so many different types of movies and it would be unfair to discount it because it’s not my favorite genre.
  • The movie cannot be paused or stopped barring an actual emergency.
  • I reserve the right to reject a movie if, upon watching it, it makes me physically ill more than two times.
  • No 3D anything. It always leaves me with a massive headache. I will, however, watch the non-3D version.
  • The movie must be out on Netflix and/or DVD.

I reserve the right to change the rules as we go along, but it should be fun! 🙂

Questions? Comments? Movie recommendations? Leave a comment below!


Movies Reviewed:


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