A Trip to the Doc(s)

How to make your visits more efficient.

I have three doctors: a primary, a gastroenterologist (GI), and a rheumatologist. They’re wonderful physicians, but it can be kind of a pain to keep them all informed about my health. Though healthcare is slowly moving into the digital age, I find that the most valuable tool for my health is maintaining communication between all three doctors.

But when you’re in pain it can be difficult to remember when it first happened, what procedures have been done, or if the new medication had any odd side effects. Especially if you have brain-fog issues.

About two years into all of my medical drama, I came up with a form so that I could make sure that I didn’t forget anything. It was just a simple, bulleted list that I saved on the computer that tracked the dates of diagnosis, medication, and a box for any worsening symptoms since my last doctor/specialist visit. Sometimes I even drew a human outline to circle where my flares occurred.

I’ve added much more to my form since I started it, and it is extremely helpful as my visits have become more efficient and thorough. It inspired me to create a another form for first-time visits so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting my family’s medical history when I’m filling out new patient forms. I also have one for my pharmacist so that they are aware of my medical allergies. These three forms have saved me a lot of time, and I hope that they will help you too!

All forms are in PDF format. Make sure you save a copy for yourself.

Form #1 – First-Time Doctor/Specialist Visit

  • Remember to list all diagnoses in your Family History section, even allergies
  • New Course of Action is a place to write down any new procedures, medications, or other changes offered by your doctor/specialist

Form #2 – For Every Doctor/Specialist Visit

  • Be sure to mark where the location of your pain on the body outline.

Form #3 – Pharmacy Updates

  • Keep this log updated as much as possible.

If you have any questions about the forms, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.

Stay healthy!



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Living life with my inflammation avatar, "Pesky." Current mantra: I may have TMI, but it does not have me.
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